It's Always A Seller's Market

Selling or buying a home in Connecticut? Research is key to knowledge.

It has been said “A mind is like a parachute. It works best when it’s open”. That same frame of thinking also applies when researching the market conditions in the areas of which any seller and buyer is looking to sell or buy. The Internet is filled with advice and knowledge, but the top of the knowledge base are those who hold the key to your sources. That being said, a REALTOR® .
Knowing the market in the Greater New Haven County towns in Connecticut, it is important to know market values verses listing prices. Many times we will see a property marketed for sale way above it’s actual market value – this is one thing you want to avoid in this market.
For example – when selling or buying a home, set your price and get the market value a home is worth.  That means the past time of “I will negotiate if an offer comes in” changes to “negotiating the best terms and conditions that fit the seller’s/buyer’s needs”.  As a seller, you want to be able to stay ahead of the selling market in your area by listing your property appropriately to the market conditions in your area – resulting more buyers to view and an offer you want to see.
This same rule applies to buyers. Know the market.  A real estate professional can and will help educate you in knowing the market values of the areas you search homes for sale in.  Don’t go above your pre-appoval limit your lending institution pre-approves you for. Stay within your financing means as well.
Part of selling and buying a home is reaching for a successful goal in your real estate decisions. Although we all may feel at times a home is worth more than what the current true market value is, keep in mind market values do change frequently – but the BEST investment anyone can and will make in a lifetime is the purchase and sale of real estate.
Remember, whether you are a buyer or seller, the job of a real estate agent is to negotiate and get the best terms and conditions that are suitable and fit your real estate needs and goals.

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